Trash Photos and Junk Shots and More Rubbish

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    Hey, rafal

    I really did not see the dust. Are we talking about #8, the silhouette pix I think it was? Where is it?
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    Where are they now? not pretty much active on TrekEarth.
    I think as you really grow making pictures, TE is not the best format. Most people who still post here after a certain growth do it because it's one of the cozy places they are used to and socialize into, like you, me (just blahblah for me mostly1), Francis, Henk, etc.... I actually believe the net is still no substitute for making it out in the big/real world of photography, I may be wrong though, and that's what Mark Gong is doing, for example.

    About the smiles, God, I do agree with you, but I think what is interesting about a photo (many, even more) is that it reveals the guy behind the camera. I can see how for someone, the smile of a kid in a dump shows resilience, and forces "political" thinking going beyond the cuteness, and if well laid up in a series, the viewer too. On the other hand, I have the uncomfortable feeling that so many galleries of mixed 3rd world "portraits" on Pbase for example, remind me of mug shots in the S21 jail in Pnom Penh. Why, because it's a catalogue that concerns the mug shooter, and never the person in front of the camera.

    Apparently, alike the S21 shots, they are extremely popular (save nudes,alluring chicks), the more as faces add up and add up, making the exercice ever more gratuitous in terms of what photography should mean. We are leaving in a world where titillation and entertainment count more than substance.
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    Yeah, I see the dust spot, but I don't think photojournalism, especially documentary photography must be sterile... besides, this is a photoy story of a dump site for god's sake! Also, there is a matter of what post processing is allowed and considered ethical (not that I think cloning out a dust spot is "unethical")... in my city, Charlotte, last week, a staff photographer was fired for modifying the sky color... which makes me this the curves potion I use a lot (s-curve) might not cut the mustard... makes you think. "how much malipulation of reality is too much?"
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    yes, but a dust spot has nothing to do with the dump and more to do with the guy not keeping his equipment clean. Dust outside the camera, yes. Dust on the sensor? I dont buy its relevance.
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    no, of course it's not relevant. But I am telling you, in some places, it is damned hard to keep it all clean, especially if you are working with 1 camera body and changing lenses frequently. For instance, in Africa, I would use a air blower (pump) to clean off the sensor every couple of days, but during the day it would get dirty... and outside, especially like a dump, it's not a good place to take the lens off and lock up the mirror. Sure, it should have just been cloned out... but that doesn't make it a bad photo.
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    Ofcourse its a good photo but the spot should have been taen care of. Doesnt make it a bd photo at all, just sloppy in its final presentation
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    Some might see this as an exaggeration but for the record I am presently engaged in telling a longish story on TE, which took place in two seperate nights in a small township in Tokyo where I live. Each "slide" if you will might be viewed as a standalone but taken together I think you will get a sense of the various levels of activity and social interaction in the crowd around the main events, the dance and drum troupes. Further I think if you read between the libnes you may get some insights into Japanese society as it stands today, torn between a powerful nostalgia for the past and the pull of a vulgar materialism.
    But then maybe I'm just deluded into thinking that I'm actualy supplying a story series with definite links. Meybe every picture is the same as the one before...who knows?
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    I think that shooting what happens in our towns and what people do that is unrelated to being just a stat in work or socio demographics is something very valuable. Your parade reminds me strongly of the Cherry Blossom festival here in America. A great day for all to have fun, and kids to get a sense of where they are coming from. Sadly, nobody cares much, as there are people in the pix.... Back to sunsets and boats..At sunset of course! :-)))
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    The problem with doing a photo essay on TE is that apart from your "followers," no one will know that he image they are seeing is part of a series: it will appear as (for example) "a boring photo of some guy's hand" in thumbnail. I have to say that TEers are not the most adventurous group of viewers, by and large -- of course there are exceptions and they usually are the only people whose critiques count. Unfortunately for art, perhaps, we humans are biologically predisposed to give smileys to giggling kids. And sunsets.
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    Dear Pup-san:
    "They are the only people whose critiques count"??????
    And who are these perspicacious few, pray?
    Names please.
    Less than 10?
    More than 5?
    With all due respect, Lisan, and I have lots of respect for you, this is just the kind of bitter, negative, destructive statement from "old timers" which saps morale around here. It's like acid near a river bed...
    Sorry but a change of tune would be nice.
    Try to think positive. There is a HECK OF A LOT more to this site than poor critiques, smiling kis and sunsets.
    Love and peace,