To holmertz: re

  • Dear Gert,

    I didn't say that there is a problem with others having a pick-nick. My only problem is that even if it is not as apparent as in the case of a photo taken in Zakopane, mass-tourism is present here. When I was a child and made these hikes with my parents there were fewer people. The phenomenon is more common in places, where the newly built, high capacity cable cars and funiculars made these places available for everybody. Even for those who otherwise would go the local grocery by car* in the every-days . Guess I'm only getting older and started to dislike changes. :-P


    *Generally these are not the old ladies, sometimes they are more fit than me: when they over-take me during a hiking in the Alps, is very humiliating.
  • You will be all right as long as you don't have to book a place on the hike weeks in advance. Maybe that will be necessary in a few years.
    Mass tourism is one reason why I am getting a bit tired of travelling.
    But I know one slightly elderly Polish lady who would easily overtake you on any hike, anywhere. .
  • Maybe that Polish lady does right that she drinks tea at the shelter houses and not beer.
    Regarding booking tickets: at Tatra Lomnic if you want to visit the peak, its already better to book it in advance online, otherwise you won't get ticket for that day at 8:10, ten minutes after the cash desk opened....
  • So the dark future is already here. Quicker than I had expected.
  • Seems like.