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  • Re: Workers or Terra

    here's a link to Salgado's Terra project...

    Well, difficult to believe you simply started photo... :)))..

  • jump start
    Well, i just did..have taken 'pictures' for a while, but landscapes and stuff -- i sucked. So i sold everything i could have sold, and i got my best friend the Nikon D100.
    I just sharpen my senses to the max and try to empathise with the people.
    I will post a photo tonight due to this subject -- getting close, having the guts to do it..snapping away on the bonded subject.
  • Re: James Nachtwey
    Sohrab, from what you have said, I really don't think you understand the meaning behind my post.

    First of all you start by implying that I can only appreciate his technical skills and that I miss the emotions of his photography. This is just wrong, completely wrong. When I said that my first reaction is always that of being bowled over by the impact and realism of his photography, I am speaking only of its emotional content. Likewise when I said that I get overwhelmed after viewing much of his stuff; a totally emotional response. I understand and see the importance of his work, just dwelling on such negativity becomes too much over time.

    I don't particularly take offense to your comments about Bresson; I might even agree with you that his shots do leave a longer lasting impression in some ways. However, one of the things that HCB did very well was to capture little things that either seemed out of place or that would otherwise be overlooked. Capturing gut wrenching, emotionally draining images in a war torn area, or in an AIDS ward, or at a heroin treatment center is not soemthing that should be difficult. Indeed, depressing images are exactly what one would expect. However to be able to find something uplifting in such a mess takes something ultimately more visionary, at least IMO.

    I don't say any of this to negate the skill and importance of Nachtwey, but I really do believe his greatest skill is not so much in his photography as it is in his willingness to experience the things he does. When you couple that willingness with his obvious technical skills, the results are impactful, without a doubt.

    Quite honestly, I take personal exception to a couple of the things you said. I believe they were petty personal shots and well beneath you Sohrab.

    <I> i guess you and darren are good enough to do that.</I> and

    <I>i hope you all have a happy life in your "happy world"</I>

    are patronizing generalizations. They imply that me (and Luko) are shallow and ignorant of the bad that happens in the world. I know and understand many of the horrific things that happen in the world. In small ways (mostly financial donations and some volunteer work too), I do what I can to make the world a better place. I also have lived on the edge and worked in the middle of the single worse area for drug abuse and HIV infection in the developed world (The downtown East Side of Vancouver). I am also an avid follower of the news, and as a Canadian working in Asia, I have seen more of the world than most people. I have seen the good and the bad, often within city blocks of each other. I know this stuff exists, I do what I can to improve things in my small way, I just chose not to dwell only on the horrors in the world. Quite honestly, I wonder about those who do.

    Your little shots were taken personally, maybe I am overreacting, but words need to be chosen carefully.
  • Re: Nachtwey, the philantropist (2)
    <I>as an all time Jimi Hendrix fan I’ve also talked to younger people who thought that the Guns’n’Roses guitarist wrote the guitar book…</I>

    Yes, but Hendrix was nothing but a second rate copy of Robert Johnson ;)
  • Re: Nachtwey, the philantropist (2)
    yep, yep, you're right Darren...but at least, he made that clear to his fans :)))...
  • Re: James Nachtwey
    yup darren they were personal shots at you and luko to be honest
    and i realised that i over reacted after i posted message. thats why i followed it with a second message. there was no malice in those words
    im sorry :)
  • James Nachtwey
    I am sure there was no harm done..
    I got what you intended...maybe becaus ei'm too young too !! :)

  • Re: Nachtwey, the philantropist (2)
    "i know a lot of you are gonna react because it seems like im belittling bresson, im not,. it's just that for me nachtwey has far
    stronger shots with a longer lasting impression than any of bresson's . i like bresson , but for me he's not the greatest :) "

    i'll appreciate it if the next time my complete quotes are referred to. :) .
    firstly this quote was a bait for you luko, since you didnt seem too pleased with my calling out for you in one of the forums i posted a long back :)
    secondly like i mentioned above , bresson's great . i also know that the kind of portraits he used to make in those days were unthinkable. but even then he's not someone whose name will come first to my mind if i have to think of my favourites. i wrote my way to say that i was being very very subjective about what i meant and didnt mean it for everyone

    i didnt mention salgado because you're right about the human touch in his photographs. i know of his economics background and im doing economics myself hehe ( im not implying anything ) and yes i like don mccullum as well. and thanks a lot for the reply to my message on the forum about him :)

    as far as james nachtwey is concerned, you're right when you say that he hasnt done anything much to change photography as a medium. i dont see him as an artist .
    i dont emphasise much on him as a photographer but more on his photographs. but what i do like about him is that he has chosen a field which nobody else wants to choose. now whether he has chosen this line to get into the limelight...... i dont know to be honest. im giving his the benefit of doubt that it's because of what he feels about all this

    "I have been a witness, and these pictures are

    my testimony. The events I have recorded should

    not be forgotten and must not be repeated."

    -James Nachtwey-

    this is the "cause" that i was talking about. and it his work thas had a great influence on me. he hasnt had much of an influence on me as a photographer as he has had as a person ( remember that im giving him the benefit of doubt) if im wrong then i'll be crushed :(

    to be honest i feel very very stupid for having reacted the way i did hehe. and to darren once again, i didnt mean to sound as rude as i did to you and luko
    take care
  • Re: James Nachtwey
    Thanks for that Maciek. A great idea of yours this new forum. I can see why you like this guy. I think there's just a few on TE that can take photos of this quality, what none of us here have yet managed is to get right to the heart of one of these issues and present these kind of hard hitting images that bring these events to public attention (though there's some that come close). I suppose the message that I take from looking at his portfolio is that there's more to photography than taking pictures, which I suppose to an extent is tied up there somewhere in the TE motto.
  • Re: James Nachtwey
    hi makiej

    let me explain you what i mean...

    the story that you can tell in lets say 10 pictures doesn't need to be told in 40 pictures in my opinion... i think he's not selective enough and show's too many "the same " pictures at once.... I also looked throught your dump gallery and to be honoust i think you do the same there... there are marvellous photographs in that gallery, but inmy opinion they drown in the mass and weaken the gallery (sorry just being honoust :) ) so when you take out half and only leave the strongest, the expo really stands....

    when we draw the line between Nachtwey and Salgado, Salgado has a manager/friend who is very critical about his work and littteraly throws away top photographs of the exposition, but the expostion becomes much stronger, and nachtwey is much more of a solist and just offers too much in my opinion....

    that's what i mean with motodrive shooting... the beauty of photographyis that you can tell a whole story in one image, but that has to be one of a kind...

    take care