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Old 04-15-2005, 09:49 AM
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Default VII Photo Agency...the new Magnum

My PJ friend refered me to this agency. Started by Magnum photographers that felt Magnum lost its way as it became more commerical. A lot of good work here.
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Old 04-15-2005, 01:46 PM
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Default Re: VII Photo Agency...the new Magnum

VII is quite old now and i visit it quite often
since james nachtwey , lauren greenfield ad all are there

i might be wrong here ..but it wasn't started by magnum photographers.. i think nachtwey is the only ex mangnum member there and he wasn't a co-founder anyway i might be wrong here

the difference between VII and magnum that i find is that magnum has a much broader range of issues covered.. also they seem to be more open to different styles

on the other hand VII has a hardcore presence of war photography

thats what i felt
i still like the agency though
and actually VII photographers have quite an interaction with the students at ICP (internation centre of photography) ,james nachtwey gives lectures. i think lauren greenfield is a permanent teacher there. but the so do photographers like eugene richards and others of magnum.. michael ackerman from VU gives lectures..

my dream place to goto study photogrpahy :)
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Old 04-15-2005, 02:32 PM
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Default Re: VII Photo Agency...the new Magnum

oh yeah i forgot to mention something...

there is just one thing that i'm not fond of in VII

contrary to what you wrote .. i find a very commercial feel to VII can't explain why .. but i can imagine a big machine there ... and numerous images of war.. blood and so on being printed day in and day out.. something quite disturbing..

there was a time when i was quite mad about nachtwey and i think i must had had a much higher degree of love for VII as an agency..
i still really like the agency a lot and some o fthe members are photographers i respect a lot.

but somehow today i'm not drawn by the photographs/photographers as i used to be.

it's not like suddenly out of the blue i'll feel like reaching out for some image

maybe because there is a similar feel as in wire agencies like reuters, ap, afp and all..

hardcore photojournalism.

maybe they need someone like eugene richards to bring in some feeling :)

also i feel that magnum members are those who document a story over a huge period of time, which i prefer to the short term stories that you can get to see in a lot of places.. by the way a huge chunk of the W.E Smith Fund awardees are magnum members

i hope you don't think that i have anything against VII i like it a lot.. but just that certain things.. can get a little heavy.. i need variety :)

now here is an agency which might seem to be on another extreme

also since you're interested in agencies.. and because i'm too lazy to add the links to more agency
if you goto this link, you'll find many many many links to both photographers and agencies like sigma, corbis, black star , retna and many many more.. look on the right side of the window for them
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