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  • Bonjour Pierre,

    I am able to moderate on TL & TN too.

    I am living in Europe and I can say I never had difficulties to access both sites but reading the forum on TrekLens I discovered at least two other members who had problems accessing TL for at least a couple of months, Alain Thibodeau aka Athila and Sandra aka SanD, also from Canada, is it possible the problem has to do with your location?
    Just a thought...

    Amicalement - Viviane

    PS: just saw on TrekNature also a member from Canada, CeltickRanger, having the same problem ???
  • connexion
    Bonjour Vivianne,

    Oui j'ai des problèmes d'accès à TL et TN, selon Google chrome le site semble bloquer mon adresse IP ou autres raisons que ces sites me refusent l'accès. Pourquoi cela arrive, je l'ignore.

    Cela serait apprécier si la situation peut-être corriger.


    Pierre Langlois
  • MacAfee
    I had some "alerts" from McAfee about TL and TE in the last days althought I have access to the sites.
  • unable to upload
    There seem to be a glitch with TE server this morning, the system forgot to turn the clock to September 16.

    The system is advising me that I canot upload a photo for another 23 hours. Th last photo that I uploaded was on September 15.

    Also the total of point has not changed since yesterday.

    I know the TE team is opening at 0900 pacific time. Hopefully the problem will be solve soon.
  • Similar problem as Pierrefonds:
    I used 18 smileys yesterday (dated 15.09). Today (16.09) I was only able to give 2. The smileys counting continued from yesterday and it tells me I used up everything for today, although I just gave two.
  • Unable to Post Any Photos Too
    Yes, I have not been able to upload any photos even though my last upload was on 15/9.