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  • Re: themes: suggestions
    Well, why not use the (very interesting) idea of Isabelle about colors and create only colors-related themes? "Colors of the world" could be a great subtitle for the book. There could be less than 10 chapters : red, blue, yellow, green, white, a few others maybe (pink, brown...). One of these chapters could be black&white. Don't you think most pictures would fit in one of those chapters? This would be a cool way of not subdividing the book by geographical area or by themes.
    OK this is just a "gut feeling" and I haven't given it much thoughts so there might be many drawbacks that I haven't thought about, but I really liked Isabelle suggestion about colors-related themes.
  • Re: themes: suggestions
    That's a good idea, but really, many pix cannot be categorized by colors, and on the other hand, I think diversity is crucial to keep the interest of readers. Colors, especially if nice, rich colors, have a temperament, a feeling each one, that seeing a few pages of the same color thematic may be counter-productive to appreciate the pix for more than its color.
    I think the main concept must stick as close as possible to TE as we know it, individuals who, thru love of photography, feel like a community, not just a website where people upload pix.

    My 2 cents...Ok, 3 cents! ;-)