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Great hrschwartz 2010-01-04 7:16

Hi Marianne,

Yes, this mailbox certainly is crying- crying out for a little rust protection. ;-) (Well, actually it's too late for that.:-))

And the neighbors: Did they see you standing there with your camera waiting for the next drop? They were probably also crying.

With a tear in his eye,


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Default To hrschwartz: my neighbours

Some of them already know that I am crazy... so they were not surprised.
And if the other ones finally noticed, they did not mention it it's okay :-))

I saw your book, it is beautiful! So much photos that I would like to see here!!!!
I would suggest the following detail : when you have a lot of photos on the same page, you should keep carefully the same little black line to separate photos (vertically AND horizontally).

I saw it first on page number 5 (some photos are separated with some space - but different size- or not).
On some other pages (I don't remember the number) you have no space between photos. I prefer a small black line.

It is just a detail, the book is superb!!

Have a nice week-end, say hello to Mady!
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Old 01-08-2010, 10:05 PM
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Default My Photobook

Hi Mariannne.

Thanks for your comments.

I have just noticed that some of the lines between photos appear irregular. I used their templates, but I think I screwed up when I moved some photos to fit them to the cropped space and left an edge I didn't notice. (I think I did it during "last minute" adjustments- typical!) Anyway, I ordered just one copy to see how the brightness and colors look on the printed page (computer=transluminance; book pages=reflection. Therefore, the printed book may look different). Not to mention, monitor differences and variation from the printing process (I've read complaints that books ordered later can be quite different than the original). Some of it may be low-resolutions artifacts- I hope. Long story short: I may very well make some corrections after I see the printed book and have another one printed.

Mady also didn't like photos without borders. I couldn't find templates with the borders I would have preferred, with all the photos I crammed in. One can modify/make their own templates, but I wasn't ready to open that "can of worms." Again, I may do things differently with a reprint.

BTW: I much prefer trying to put together a nice book than posting on TE. Besides, I think posting on TE implies you should comment on other people's work. I don't want to be that involved.

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