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  ronners 2007-03-26 18:07

From the thumbnail my first comment was going to be about white balance, but when I look at the larger image its clear that the plate in the center is white, so no problems on that front I believe if you like orange ;)

For me the best part about this one is your viewpoint. Rather than (actually or metaphorically) looking down on the scene you took a lower viewpoint. That engages the viewer more in the scene and is simple yet effective. As a piece of reportage it works very well, but as a piece of art (should we ever call ourselves artists) I'd like a less 'busy' scene where my eye can fall more easily on a stronger subject. One approach would be to capture the scene where all subjects are looking toward the center rather than out of the image. Another idea would be to pick one of the monks and work on a shallower DOF to give him more prominence.

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Default To ronners: Thanks...

My critical take on this shot is that there is no strong main subject. What is in the dominate position (and most sharply focused) is the foremost table of dishes. The lack of a strong main subject also makes the somewhat shallow DOF more damaging.
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Default Re: To ronners: Thanks...

Glad you can take my humble input Bob. I'm learning as much as anyone else here, and the best part of TE is being able to engage in discussion like this (like the old camera club days when you couldn't hide).

The issue for me is how to take a popular subject and do something different with it. In that vein this image is actually quite novel because it's not pure portraiture. However, as we've both admitted it's maybe not quite strong enough - the elements don't quite gel. Maybe this is an example where the old maxim about filling the frame, about getting closer actually holds true. The problem is - closer to what? My own landscape work is easy because nothing moves around - I can pick a subject then try to pare it down to a few key elements. Moving bodies make that much harder, and probably call for as much luck as planning.

My own holy grail is making my photos as simple as possible. I'm off to the Southwest in six weeks so I'll soon have a chance to put that theory into practice (I hope).
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