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  ronners 2007-04-02 16:46

Somehow I find myself looking for more of a sense of place in this one Bob. The paper lantern is to my mind a very 'eastern' thing, yet nothing else in the image supports that feeling. For all I know (though I'm aware that they don't) these lanterns could be hanging in your back porch. I think what I'm saying is that the image should stand on its own - this one only works with the accompanying note. Without the note its a pleasing image, but my own feeling is that the note should be the 'last 10%'.

To quote an old marketing adage, when you make some kind of presentational statement you should always self-review with a simple 'so what?'. In your case here I feel like I'm left wanting more information because the lanterns on their own don't give me enough. Maybe I'm looking for someone lighting the lantern, or a view of how it casts light over a scene which reflects the temple as a whole.

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Default To ronners: See your point...

I do tend to get caught up in the smaller details of places that I visit.

And I'm looking for significant/critical feedback of those shots that I take while traveling.

I can see why this shot, and my note, might not fully speak to the intent of TE.

That said, I suppose I don't fully agree with you as to the note being the "last 10%". I can imagine shots that wouldn't tell us anything about the world, or that particular part of the world, without a good note.

How about, for example, a shot of some parakeets in a tree.


Until you add a note about how escaped pet parakeets have naturalized and are thriving in San Francisco.
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Default Re: To ronners: See your point...

Well, it might not be realistic for the image to be much more significant than the note, I'd rather see TE as a photography site rather than a talking shop. To a certain extent I'd rather the images could speak for themselves - any image that requires too much of an accompanying explanation probably doesn't meet the original goals of TE. If I want to learn about a place (photography aside) there are many better places to find information.

As you can already see in the forums, a lot of what is 'written' on this site isn't worth the proverbial paper. We need to be careful that TE keeps it's differentiating feature, and that is strong images which capture the essence of the world. A bland landscape isn't redeemed by a thousand words of fluff, if you see what I mean. Or maybe I'm expecting too much. As far as notes are concerned, I recall the scene from 'A River Runs Through It' where the young kid is completing an essay and having it rebuffed by his father - "Again, but half as much".
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