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Great lousat 2020-03-21 14:30

Hi Mariusz,what you wrote is what we wrote in Italy 15 days ago. Of course, you have to stay away, but it is also enough to touch something and then put your hands to your mouth or scratch your eyes to get contaminated, the virus lives several hours even on the surfaces. Now we mourn the dead, even in my small town, and after 10 days of isolation the cases don't stop. A large number of doctors and nurses have been contaminated and can no longer work, new medical graduates have been hired to remedy it, but for them it is like being the ones who went out to put out the fire in Chernobyl. So be very careful, I hope at least in your country it will get better. Congratulations for the fresh photo of the day, but I recommend, now enough.Have a nice Sunday,Luciano

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Default To lousat: Coronaviris in the UK

Ciao Luciano,
I am worried that in the UK it may actually get worse, but not because I went for a walk in the open space where I basically didn't touch anything and seen people from a distance but because of the slow reaction of British government. Obviously the politicians everywhere are not very smart people and they rely on advisors. In the UK everything is very hierarchic, the monarchy is still very much alive. And Boris Johnson asked for advice the most senior in rank people in the country. They didn't happen to be the smartest.
Anyway the government now changes the strategy but it may be too late already.
What differs British people from Italians is that Italians are kissing and hugging and touching each other a lot while British keep distance and rarely even shake their hands. That may work to the advantage.
Other that that the remote less populated areas may get less affected and I live in an area like that, practically on a countryside.
I suppose you have more time for TrekEarth?
I am working form home but that means that I am quite busy, no time for TrekEarth.
Kind regards,
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