To nerve: o4a hrc!

  • Should I ever get the time again this image is high on my list - I have another one that I've done the same sort of PP on that I'd like to paint as well.

    I've just been invited for today as a guest to a punk music festival! OK! So even at my age there is a rebel worth calling! The young people that organise it are interested in help to make it a bigger event next year so I'll go with camera and notebook!

    This is why I have no time for painting - no kidding every week, sometimes every day of every week (sometimes 3-4 times a day) someone wants to talk about doing something and I'm only now learning to say Whoa! .........I still have to learn NO!

    have a good day - uuh! night - or am I wishing you good morning by the time you read this!?

    bw Kev
  • Re: To nerve: o4a hrc!
    ps ...or should that be pssst! wanna buy an old svhs camcorder with a well used photo button?

    Actually it fell to bits!

    have a good week!