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Great daddo 2017-06-01 18:56

Hi Giovanni. I would think that nothing is free to the native people anywhere since their lands were taken and their children taken to missions where they were forbidden to speak their mother tongue. Just saw a documentary about the sad story of the First Nations' children in America who had the same fate as the Aborigines in Australia where we now have the so called Lost Generation, many abused as children, used a practically as slave labour and who never saw their parents again. In addition, the oil and gas reserves, the mines, the timber are all in the hands of the whites. So to build a few houses is a poor substitute. Cold looking place but you heard the call, "North to Alaska!"

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Default To daddo: A little different here

In Alaska things are a bit different... The Alaska natives rather than having reservations like the lower 48. They have non profit corporations which exploit their natural resources. These corporations mine their gold, silver, oil, etc. and some are very wealthy. The natives have shares in the corporations and get dividend checks. Which is similar to the natives in the lower 48. They are interestingly having a major problem with mixed marriages and the children that result. The percentage of native to white that results is falling below minimums so these children have no share of anything on the lands the tribe controls. They can't hunt, fish or share in the tribal wealth.

On the island I live on their are no businesses of any kind but a general store. The reason there aren't any businesses is that no bank in all of America can lend money to a native as there is no collateral for a loan. You see the land and everything on it is sovereign and belongs to the tribe forever. None of the land or anything on their land can be pledged to a bank. Therefore there are no businesses and no jobs. Poverty and government handouts are they only thing that sustains the tribe.

You mention that their lands were taken from them by the immigrants which is true. But you see the immigrants were forced out of Europe by poverty and governments taking the immigrants properties via programs and forced migration and religious persecution. The immigrants that came to America and Australia were persecuted peoples too. Europe should be paying reparations to the peoples it forced to move away and they should be paying them to the natives that were displaced by the in migrations of persecuted immigrants. A little different take on the plight of these native people and who really caused their problems. The raw deal originated in Europe and screwed everyone.
Hope you have a sense of humor........ GiovanniG
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