Another "Get to know your fellow TE-ers" post

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  • Just to get to know all the TE-ers a bit more we had a couple of interesting forum posts so far, as hobby's (besides photography) and musical preference. In addition I like to present to you the following questions:
    1. Which country would you like to live in the most (photography wise)
    2. Which country suprised you the most (becasue of seeing TE-pics)

    My awnsers:
    1. Purely speaking in terms of photography I would love (considering my love for landscape photography) to live in Alaska. The awesome ruggedness and total emptyness is for me the most interesting place to be.
    2. After seeing lots of pictures on TE, the country that suprised me the most is Poloand. Never knew this country to have such a nice places and scenery's.

    What are your two places?
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    1)I would live in China... but only for short times, I would need to leave after a little while and go to my second choice, anywhere in South America.

    2)Iran has surprised me the most, Mohamed's photos of Iran are amazing... i never imagined Iran to look like that. they make me want to go there.
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    1. Photography wise any place that offers good street life and urbanity. I like places with character, with some dirt and grime but also places that are colorful and vibrant: HK, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, New York spring to mind. And I live in Seoul. Others would be Singapore, Shanghai, Miami, Havana.

    2. I dont think I have been surprised much. I like Shanghai despite Fil's dislike for it. I think there are some great photo ops there.
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    Rafal, Havana is a great place for street life, but they might expect a dollar if they catch you.
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    heheheh yeah, it may get expensive..I was just musing:) Still HK, Seoul, BKK, Tokyo and NYC are my top places to live in for photography.

    Its good though that at TE we have such different people. Im sure Frank wouldnt want to live in HK and I wouldnt want to live in alaska..maybe Anchorage offers some street life:)
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    I really liked Beijing. I found it great for photography, always moving, but then places like the Hutongs to get the more gritty life... but mellow... other parts of the city are fast and flashy.
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    To live for photography either Italy or India
    Italy for its historical towns and cities, art, charasmatic people and the fact that you all always about 1hour away from a mountain or the sea.
    India for it's colour, culture and diversity.

    Most surprised by....
    All TE photographers who actually make dull places look nice : )
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    1. Thailand (or anywhere in South-East Asia for that matter). I just feel comfortable walking around with a camera around my neck.

    2. I think Japan and Korea. Before TE I thought of these two countries as just boring business places without much photographic charm. But I was proved otherwise. Also Toronto, my home town, that shines in new light through amazing photography from Peter, Alex and Lisan.
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    Hey, if there are more folks wanting to come and shoot in Shanghai I might start the Shanghai Photography Travel Service and offer photographic tours of this "wonderful" place! ;-)
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    Good question Frank (I shouldn't say 'good point' anymore I guess after the last couple of weeks here :) . . . . )
    1. purely speaking in terms of photgraphy, I would like to live in Indonesia I guess. I always liked the country, the people. But it's not a strong preference, because I could live in any country and still find enough to do with a camera for a long time. Actualy, I would rather move around if photography would be my only hobby and I would have no family.
    2. Yes, Poland is suprising, same with Kazachstan, Africa as a whole (Mali, Tanzania, Egypt etc.), but the most suprising to me is India. I knew it was beautiful, but looking at the places and people on TE . . . .