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Great macjake 2019-05-01 4:31

Hi Chris
oh man, this is awesome. Looks so much like the more famous Treasury, but obviously not as popular. You completely lucked out with the donkey walking by. Sorry for the ignorant question, but were these actually used by people with a functional purpose, or are they just carvings? love it. cheers

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Default To macjake: donated money to rebuild

Hi Craig,
I see your point: we would certainly like some other important issues to attract as much attention and be fixed.
It is however not as simple as rebuilding a church.
First of all, I don't have enough money for any of this, so I didn't help here not there.
I do appreciate though that there are money for rebuilding the cathedral.
I suppose people can do with their money what they want. If they choose to sponsor the cathedral I find it quite a nice gesture.
I am a member of English Heritage which gives me a lot of benefits but it also in a tiny bit contributes to preservation of ruined treasures of England. I pay certain amount of money there but may be I should instead pay to a third world charity instead?
Well, why am I so selfish and go for holidays instead of giving this money to a starving child in Yemen? That would be so much more noble.
In fact, most people on this forum have nice cameras and like to travel as much as they can... should we all forget about TrekEarth and send the money to Yemen instead?
Will feeding the starving children over there help?
I am sure it would save lives.
On the other hand, I decided to have only one child for variety of reasons but one of them is the fact that having only one, I can make sure that I can my child will have certain quality of life. People in other parts of the world made decision to have many children even if they cannot feed any. Should I now deprive my child of some luxuries for which I work hard, to benefit families which first decided to have more children without thinking it through? If they are well off, their culture will again encourage them to have more children, and my child would need to work harder to feed them...
I suppose it is a personal choice. I sincerely encourage each of you, especially if you have no children of your own, to spend all your money on the third world aid. It is a great cause. However if I see you ticking off one more country on TE, I will know that you have different priorities... And I don't blame you for it...

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