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Great pboehringer 2009-05-13 16:28

I now exactly what you're talking about when mentioning the comfort zone. My 3 penny advice: stick to what you are good in and be a master in it. Once you can measure yourself with the best of landscape photography you can try something else. Better to be good in one thing then being mediocre in everything. Right?
Well, let me say that I see your daily improvements here at TE and that is almost like looking at a high speed racing car. Girl, your work is wonderful! I love it! You made it into my favorites not for paticularly this image, but for the consistency that you present.

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Default To pboehringer: :))

Peter :))

first of all, sorry for the late response, I was in Chicago for a few days, right now getting ready for a week in Utah, and trying to fit some work in between :)
second - wow. I mean, WOW. it is an honour to be on the list of your favourites. I consider you and Henk my "landscape photography mentors" :) so having such a praise from you means a lot. thank you :))))

about the comfort zone and all that - I agree entirely that it is better to be really good at one thing than mediocre at many things. landscapes are my first love, I don't think anything will change that. at the same time I want to know what else is there, photographically speaking :) may be there's something I'll really like, so why not take a look.

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