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Great sayeed_rahman 2010-01-27 7:27

LOL flowers growing out of the head ;) a singularity it seems..appreciate the allusion Krisitine !

So it begins, its a different ordeal should i say to use the camera to shoot the ones which breathe and bleed and sweat and salivate and smile and cry...the list goes..i call it life.

Come to think of it, it could be anyone of the million cells racing, swimming towards a single goal, to fuse with the one cell that will make me, make you, make the ones you shoot, like the one above; i mean it could very well be the cells around you which make it before 'yours' do and you and me would not have been around. I love people, cos they are the ones resurrected, brought to life, the chosen ones.

I am glad you prefer making it to the market, soon you develop a connection between the fleeting glances, random glares and convert it into full blooded interaction, chemistry between your subjects. Its a funny thing, i believe if one can connect with nature, being inanimate and produce a feeling and an emotion in the eye and the mind of the viewer then i wait all my life for that person to interact with the animate to produce something more surreal, decisive and meaningful. The feeling is relative, more personal but the end results have just one objective - to understand life better. There is a greater joy and truth in it.

I like how the woman's head and the bunch of flowers in the bottom right balances each other. That technically correct and the juxtaposition of the headless body against the bouquet is a n added element of interest.

Its going to be a great ride Krisitne, my gut feeling, you see and use the colors to express your individuality and persona, thats who you are as a person. I am quite sure there is something special in that memory card.

Share every feeling.



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Default To sayeed_rahman: something special


not sure I have anything in that memory card that's more special. sure, it is filled with all kinds of stuff, but since I'm only at the very beginning of learning how to apporach people and how to try and make them comfortable facing me and my camera, this stuff is mostly mediocre. I do like the colours though

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