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  • I understand what you mean, Klaudio, and I appreciate any efforts to suggest a solution...
    What I would like to know is why the TE photographers who posted photos over the TE TOS limits went away rather than post them on TrekLens, or simply becoming a TrekLens member and posting there?

    What made TE more attractive than TL?
  • Hi, I have noticed that the same problem is with other similar sites, even if the rules what to post are not so strong. Francesco Scaringi closes his site New Photoland. At the beginning there were many photos and photographers, but now the movement is slow and the cost of maintaining the site too high. The same is with Photopholia. On the same site I see the photos of the same photographer - it means that only a few photos are posted in a day. It is a small "private" site and for many hours no one looks at the photos.It is discouraging.
    Probably the lack of time is the reason. To write interesting critiques, notes, to choose a good photo, to read what the other people write - to do all of it is so time consuming. Who has time for it? On the other hand, such sites with no rules, like Flickr or Facebook have many users and pictures. But they are completely different.

    Kind regards Malgo
  • A Question of Perceived Talent
    Bonjour Viviane. Well, it is a conundrum but without being dispariging of TE talent, I would say by its very nature TLens is somewhat intimidating as it asks for creativity, originality-hence only those who think they have such qualities would gravitate to that site. The avant-guarde. By contrast, one travels, click here, click there, a bit of PP and one uploads the photo on TE. Everyone feels more welcome and on a more even bar. That may explain the original membership numbers. Plus, the site is informative and by the looks of it, many members of TE DO TRAVEL and compare notes, seek information.Ca c'est comme je vois la differance. Amicalement. Klaudio.