TE @ 1 Year

  • Thanks to everyone for their inspiring photos, thoughtful critiques, suggestions and help this past year on TE. I, (and others), have learned quite a bit about both the world and photography through everyone's thoughtful participation.

    I intend to continue adding new and useful features this next year to allow the TE community to grow in harmony.

    Thanks again,
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    Thank you.

    So, what are you going to do for Year 2? ;o)
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    Through your careful management this site hasn't seen the pitfalls of many other photography sites, and has truly stuck to its original goals. That's no mean feat, and many congratulations are in order. I'll certainly stick around because I get a great deal out of my participation.

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    Being actively on TE is certainly the BEST incentive to look at world and photography with new eyes and a constantly renewed curiosity. Personally, that's what I feel since my first post. Sharing, communicating, learning and progressing. To keep this concept alive and harmonious, I'm conviced there is a lot of work and dedication behind, so, THANK YOU, ADAM, and long life to TrekEarth.
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    "what are you going to do for Year 2?"

    I'm think of having a 'Groups' feature. Details haven't been decided yet though.
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    hear hear
  • Thank you Adam...
    ... once again for providing us with your work. I appreciate it. Best wishes. Mark.
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    Congratulations to TrekEarth, and to you Adam for making it possible!

    Not sure that harmony is ever entirely possible where anyone has a strongly held opinion, but I'll keep my fingers crossed ;-)