• I want organised one TE meeting in Switzerland, on 3-6 SEPTEMBER 2010 . Location are on Zermatt and go to GORNERGRATT and surroundings of the location.
    Those who are interested in participating, please leave a message for confirmation. More details soon
  • Meeting TE Switzerland 2010

    Bonne idée.
    Je suis très intéressé. Tu peux me placer dans la liste !


  • get me posted. i am supposed to be back in Zermatt at some point, and this would be a good opportunity.
    best, Arnab
  • SWISS TE meeting
    I make change the date of that SWISS MEETING , between 1-3 september, but who want come one the 2 september in ZERMATT to go for sunrise Gornergatt photograpy. Departure time from Zermatt 05.50 and Return from Gornergrat..who know ?
    The program:
    Meet at the Gornergrat Bahn , Zermatt
    Ride on the 3089 m high Gornergrat
    Observation of the sun on the panoramic platform Moonrise
    Breakfast Buffet at the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat
    Guided walk with the wildlife for Riffelalp
    Return to Zermatt
    For recongnize me, i have one pin with Romanian flag
  • sultan
    We are planing to go dzongri goechala trek this September.If any one gide as about those pleases it will vary much help full to as...this is first time for me to go that much high..If any one give me some tips about what kind of safety majors have to take for my dslr Nikon d300s...