TE background colour

  • I guess the problem of the new TE background colour was already discussed. But I'd like to relate it with the problem of the frames (other thread). If the background was like Fotopedia (e.g.), or even not so dark, I guess that it would reduce the need or the will to use frames.
    See the image bellow (click to enlarge). It has two parts: the top side has the TE colour; the lower side has Fotopedia colours.
    Owing to the TE background colour, I usually use a thin one pixel black "frame", but the best solution would be a better background.
    (I still prefer TE instead of Fotopedia, owing to several reasons, but they have much better presentation.)
  • Pour suivre ma logique:
  • Darker
    I agree that with or without borders a darker background have a better look.


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