greatest congregation of mankind on earth

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    there are some photographs of the mahakumbh mela here. there are some other good galleries as well.
    ive already sent the link to claude and luko, thought of sharing it with everyone.
    maciej, i hope this link works :)
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    hey maciej , how come my entire message turned into a link hehehe
  • for bogdan
    there is also a gallery of gypsy photographs here
    they're not colourful like the usual gypsy photographs, but i thought you might be interested in ahving a look at them anyway
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    Because you didn't type the code properly, let show again how to do it:

    &lt;a href="" target="_blank"&gt;Lien pour TrekLens&lt;/a&gt;

    As you can see, your need first to type this part which give the full URL to the page the link shoud reach: <b>&lt;a href="" &gt;</b>.
    Then you can add <b>target="_blank"</b> just after the URL to open the page into new window.
    After the "&gt;" you need to add a name for the link; in the above example the name is "Lien pour Treklens".
    And to finish, you need to add <b>&lt;/a&gt;</a> at the end of the code to close it otherwise the text after the code will be included in the link.
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    thanks romain :)
  • hey....just seen it
    just seen the forum..i will take a look, but tomorrow, as it is 6:30 here, iand i haven't yet a while.