Adventure in the North Atantic – Faroe Islands

  • <b>Adventure in the North Atantic – Faroe Islands</b>

    I am planning a weekendtrip to the islands of Faroe Islands in the Atlantic in the end of the month. (

    A tour outside the tourist season with a big chance for bad weather, rain and storm in the ocean and on these adventure islands. A splendid photo opportunity.

    My travel include:

    - Ship Voyage from Bergen (Norway) to Torshavn at the Faroe Islands, dep. 10.00 at Sep. 28th. (ship home page:

    - 3 nights at hotel Faroyer in Torshavn (home page:

    - Return voyage from Torshavn to Bergen Oct 2nd,. Dep at 17.00 (arriving in Bergen Oct 3rd at 16.00)

    I’ll use the time to visit some small places around the islands, the coast, maybe bird reservations, lighthouses or whatever. I’ll bring my car over for our convenience.

    Your option is to find a budget plane to Oslo or Bergen: You have to be in Bergen or Oslo at Sep 27th (in Oslo (or Sandefjord=Ryan Air) at 14.00 at the latest. Returning at Oct 4th.

    Should your arrive by Oslo or Sandefjord, you have another additional experience going with me in my car over the mountains and along some fjords to Bergen with a risk of meeting snow and ‘tough’ conditions crossing over the mountains this time of the year (total ride Oslo-Bergen app. 550km). Returning back the evening/night of Oct 4th.

    You should be able to find a roundflight as suggested for € 200 from central Europe to Bergen or Oslo.
    The ship to the Faroe Island and hotel incl. breakfast will be app. € 600. Not any cheap, low budget alternative – but what a heck of an experience this time of the year.

    Final decision will be made by the end of the week. Anyone interested pls. contact me by e-mail (intro page).

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    There are not so many Faroe photos at TE - maybe some inspiration from these 2 pages can be usful:

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    It was for sure a very interesting and exciting travel. Unfortunately the trip was partly shortened by the ferry company Smyrill Line. First a 12 hrs delay before departing from Bergen. Then the return trip was done 24 hrs. before schedule. According to Smyril line due to weather conditions (storm in the Atlantic ocean). But of course end of September is close to the real bad weather season up there. Anyway I'll have some photos in the store for posting. I'll develop a travelouge here:

    I was to Iceland some years ago - but I must say these Faroe Islands are as well as interesting - and I think using the ferry going the route from Hanstholm in Denmark to Bergen, Norway, then Torshavn at the Faroe Islands - even going right up to Iceland is quite an experience. Take the car and make some stopovers...
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    Should some of you be in interest to see more of this travel to the rather exotic Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic:

    <i><b>You are cordially invited to my complete photo set of this travelougue with 133 selected photos, just click here >></b></i>

    (Unfortunately it takes too long to present them all at TE ;-)