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  • It was a nice discovery recently that we are finally again able to change our profiles. However, one problem remains, maybe not for everyone but at least for me and I know at least one other member. I have tried, again and again, to change my photo, but in vain. I can delete the old one but when I try to enter a new photo the only thing that happens is that the old one comes back.
  • Hello, is this avatar editing? Can you describe the problem and how to repeat it?

    Best Regards,
  • What do you mean, avatar editing? I already tried to describe what happened. I edited the text. No problem. I changed which photos should be shown, from random to highest points. No problem. I deleted my photo and checked the presentation to see what happened: photo gone. No problem. Tried to enter a new photo. Checked the presentation: old photo back. I have done the same thing about four times. Another member told me the same thing happened to her.
  • Hello, I still am not quite sure about the photo to which you refer. Right now I'm working on the profile photos i.e.

    The changing of this is hit and miss. I did some changes today, give it a try.
  • Today I discovered that my new photo is shown on my profile when I use Safari, which I always used when I was originally registered on TE. But Chrome, which I use more often nowadays, still shows my old photo.
    Another strange thing is that when I last week was asked to log in again, while using Safari, my password was not accepted, so I had to ask for a new one. But with Chrome I still have my own chosen password.
    So now I have two passwords and two portraits.
    I don't even want to see what happens if I try to log in on Firefox.
  • Hello, there are two CDNs in use and it may be cached. I'm working to get a method to update.

    Clear your browser and try again. If you logged in in recent months, your password would work. If one hasn't logged in since the server update, they will have to do a password reset.

    Best Regards, BL
  • Hello, regarding login, are you using this link? https://www.trekearth.com/signin.php
    there may be another signin form that's using the wrong code.
    Please advise. Thanks
  • I cleared the cache in the Chrome browser and the new photo appeared there too. I may still have the problem of different passwords but that bothers me less.
  • Hello,

    you can try logging out and clearing your trekearth cookies.

    Then see if you have 1 login. Also the beta passwords may be different. Thanks, BL