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Great macjake 2019-02-21 4:29

Hi Mariusz
so many topics to go over in this one post.
First of all, nobody has the right to tell you you shouldn't call Poland your home country just bc you live abroad...that's absurd. Secondly, I don't know the complexities of Brexit, I feel I need to watch a documentary or something, to understand it better. to learn of the pros/cons. And it seems as if I only read about people commenting on the down sides of Brexit, and wishing it didn't happen - however, it was voted MUST be people out there, even TE Members, who have voted yes...i'd love to hear from them. your post is a deep one, a though provoking one on the effects of individuals and their families. well done! cheers

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Default To macjake: Brexit advantages

Hi Craig,
I am obviously against Brexit being a European who lives in the UK but I don't blame people who voted for Brexit.
I think at the moment everywhere in the Western world the middle class disappears and divisions between rich and poor are growing.
Unified Europe was supposed to be a win-win solution for everyone but as usually with many changes: rich people got richer and poor got poorer. Sadly the Brexit will make it even worse. This is something what people were not entirely aware of when they were voting.
I think the rhetoric was something like "we send Eastern Europeans millions of pounds and yet they come and steal our jobs or live on benefits". This was not entirely true but some truths would be difficult to pronounce loud without offending some people.
I live in a very poor region of the UK and see many unhappy people with no jobs and with their quality of life decreasing. It is so easy (too easy) to follow the simplistic black and white rhetoric. See also other discussions under this photo.
I think people who voted for Brexit genuinely voted for a change, that is why they voted for Trump in the US and why in other countries in Europe liberal parties are loosing and sometimes parties on the right side of the spectrum win. People are fed up with politicians who don't listen to them, or try to scare them with populists etc, as a result they choose the unknown opposite. Many have no hope for better future and decide to choose the unknown evil. Of course in the result they will make things worse, but I am more surprised that those who were/are still in power didn't learn the lesson. EU behaves exactly as before. They don't see, they don't listen. They follow the old books written many years ago. Media paint very negative images of new governments, showing them as pure evil.
I think it is often because many issues could not be discussed openly because they were taboo. They backfire now.

When Poland joined EU I was on Hawaii. So I am quite neutral. I didn't need EU to be able to work abroad as some people here suggested trying to offend me. However I think Brexit is bad for everyone.
Money is not even the biggest issue. I think UK has contributed a lot of healthy thoughts to EU and now without UK EU will loose very much. EU really needed UK to help to reform it.

Anyway, these are just some loose thoughts.
Kind regards,
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