making notes required

  • Hi,

    It seems sometimes we will have a great photograph, but not understand it because there is no note. Or some will not make sense without a note, or we will not appreciate the vaule.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to make at least some note required. Although this does seem rather strict, it might make things better.


    - Matthew
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    I agree completely on this point - in fact, I believe the terms&conditions of the site require a note to be added. If no note to be provided, it can go on TrekLens.
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    The only way for this to work is with moderator control. Anyone can fill a form field with garbage on a web site. I do agree that notes should always be included - it's just that in practical terms it's just not feasible to enforce automatically. For now we'll just have to keep giving feedback to posters to prompt them to add notes where necessary.
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    I understand your wish,
    I even think that the time requires notes to trespass the 'nice picture looking' now that digi's are becoming so popular.
    Notes, the new dimension of good photography ?
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    It is true that there will be some garbage on the site, but just like title and location are required, it makes the person at least consider the field.

    If administrators are to enforce this, it may be useful to indicate a reason when reporting an image as a violation of the TOS.
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    Personally I don't think a note is required for a lot of images, I prefer to make up my own ideas and thoughts about a photograph and I feel that a note will quite often alter what I think. I hardly ever read notes unless I'm really intrigued to know further about the subject.

    I'm yet to go to a photogallery that has notes for each photo apart from the location and title, so I don't think TE should be any different. Feel free to write a note if you want, but I don't think you should force people to, especially those ones who may prefer to let their image do the talking only.
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    I agree with you Brendan about making up your own mind with photography; however, there is a difference here - this site was created to learn about the world, with photography being the medium. In this way TrekEarth is very different than a photo gallery and also many other sites. TrekLens was created to be the other way around - using the world to explore photography.

    In some (very rare) cases, an image with out notes can speak volumes; however, even in those situations, the note adds the the facts for a more complete understanding.
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    I agree at all to have the note as integral part of the post, as the note explains wy the photo teaches someting on the world, therefore I avoid to rate photos without notes.