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Great emka 2019-02-21 5:16

Hi Mariusz,

Why you wrote that it was "Polish person" and not that it was me? Everybody knows me here. And it was manipulation because I haven't said you have no right to call Poland your country. Nationality and roots remain, also for the next generations.
You regard yourself as a Polish patriot, you fight for the good image of Poland, but at the same time, you make everything not to live here, even if you could get the same salary and be closer to the family. So apparently Poland is a nice country but only from the distance, not for the living here. And also the people are not so nice as in UK. You want to feel safe in UK and it would be a drama if your daughter heard that it is not her country but you sympathize with the government who do not react for the signs "Poland for Poles", (Poland for Poles but England for Englishmen AND Poles, such were the mems), the premier minister takes away EU flag and the President says that EU is "imaginary community from which little results for us", the member of Parliament says that the EU flag is a rag. These are just some examples. Like many Polish people, I am afraid that Polexit could happen.
The foreigners in Poland also would like to feel here like in their new country but they can't. They do not feel safe. Early 2016, a Polish professor and his German colleague were beaten up on the tram for speaking German. The foreigner living in Warsaw said on the Internet: I sadly have to admit, that I am lucky that I’m white. I have numerous Latino and Asian friends here in Warsaw that cannot go into the city center at all today.

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Default To emka: wrong assumptions

Hi Malgorzata,
There are many Polish people on TE. I wrote "Polish person" because I didn't want to call this person by name. Not many people follow the forum and most are not interested in personal arguments. But yes I meant you.
You have written:
Don't forget Mariusz that Poland is also MY country but after your living abroad more than 20 years (you boast about it very often) I doubt if it is still YOUR country.
So where is the manipulation?
I have the right to make notes about my personal life, my feelings etc, this is how the notes get the personal touch but I didn't expect you will read my notes now. I wanted to talk about my feelings but without pointing fingers. As you see most of people didn't noticed I am talking about you.

In your note you try to demonstrate that I am full of contradictions but it is only because you made a lot of wrong assumptions.
I am not sure if I am a Polish patriot but I see a pattern: laughing at Eastern Europeans is OK. No it isn't.
You don't actually know if I do or don't plan to move back to Poland.

I don't sympathize with any government. This is one of the wrong assumptions made by you. Sadly Polish society is very polarized. If I say I support some decisions of the government it does not mean I support the government. I support good moves and oppose bad moves. On the other hand you are politically engaged, you obviously go to political rallies so you seem to see everything black and white. It isn't. Polish society was indeed antagonized by present ruling party but the opposition follows the same aggressive behaviour. On the political stage same thing actually happens in the UK now. Because I don't support any government I am not going even to address the rest of your comment which clearly tries to follow up on this assumption. No I don't support violence neither in Poland nor anywhere. I feel ashamed of the fact that there are some cases of racist behaviour in Poland. But for the very same reason I also don't like if someone shows a photo and writes that "we have sent those Eastern Europeans so many millions already but they prefer to be beggars in Sweden than work in their home countries". I think this is inappropriate on many levels. I qualify it as hidden nationalism. I am sorry that you are ok with it only because like like the author.

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