To tyro: Splatt!

  • Hello John,thanks for your kind and comprehensive critique,I hasten to add that I do know Gladys,we will have been married 50 years in 2012, so we are quite familiar with each others work,we are of course each others greatest guide and mentor,at least that`s what we tell our friends! Everybody has their own view which is as it should be.

    At the moment I haven`t downloaded Google Earth,when I get around to it I`ll give it a go.
    All the best
  • What a blunder!
    Thank you, Les, for your kind reply. By Jove, just as well I didin't say anything disparaging about Gladys or her photographs! Of course, silly me, I never really noticed the surname(s) or, if I did, it never "twigged" with me. Congratulations on your marriage, even if it is 48 years too late!

    Anyway, the comments and remarks I have made in the past about your photographs and those of Gladys remain the same!

    Kindest regards to you both and Best Wishes for the coming year,



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