checking a note as useful is impossible


    I don't know how many members still use the old version of site so I don't know how important is this thread.
    I've encountered problems when I try to mark a note as useful. A blank page appears and nothing happens.

    Is this happening to you too?
    Any chance for the adm to fix it?

  • Bonjour Carlos,

    I'm not sure I understand your question "check a note as useful"
    Do you mean you read a good note under a picture and you want to mark it as useful - clicking on the liitle round "useful" icon?
    I've just tryed out that tool and it worked...
  • Ca ne marche pas
    Bonjour Viviane
    J'ai voulu cliquer sur Useful sur une critique en utilisant l'ancienne version.
    Une page blanche s'affiche dont voici le lien

    Je suis obligé de passer par la nouvelle version pour que ça fonctionne.
  • Bonsoir Viviane,

    yes, you are right, "mark" is the correct word...sorry

    Well, I see this is happening with me only. Good to know eveything there is working well. Let me see what I can do to fix it

    Anyhow, thanks for your usual prompt reply.

  • Bonsoir Didi,

    I have just posted without noticing your reply. So the problem in the beta version really exists.

    Viviane, I think Didi has explained better than me...
  • Useful notes
    Hello Carlos,

    I am also using the beta version, and I am having the same problem. I get a blank page when I try to mark a note as useful. I don't know if the admins will fix this...but I hope so!!!

    Have a good day,
  • Aos poucos vão desabilitando as função da versão beta mesmo, Carlos, já não tem como colocar que as notas e os comentários são úteis...

    Mas era esperado mesmo que isso aconteceria...

  • Triste fim de Policarpo...digo Beta Version, Lucas )

  • Bonjour Carlos,

    Still no solution?
    I've adressed your problem to the technical team and I hope they will be able to fix that before the weekend begins.

    Have a good weekend though...
  • Bonjour Viviane,

    not yet but I trust the tech team Thanks!

    Have a pleasant weekend.



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