To smartins: Hi Su

  • I was just looking to see whether you had posted another image!! Hi - how are you?

    I liked the colours on this one - I keep thinking Joan of Arc when i see the figure in the middle - the sound that went with this picture was fantastic - a samba band and English country folk musicians jamming together - somehow it really worked!!

    My friends and neighbours Nela and Nuno flew back to Lisbon today for one month - so you are the closest friend from Portugal i have at the moment!!

    It's almost as hot here right now!

    take care

    love and best wishes Kev
  • Re: To smartins: Hi Su
    Hi Kev ;)
    I'm on vacations, so I'm very, very fine! eheheh
    And you?

    Know that you mencioned, yes, she's looking like Joan of Arc!
    Unfourtunately the sound that went with the photo don't reach Portugal, 'cause I can't hear anything :(

    I'm glad that I'm your closest portuguese friend for now (",)

    I hope I can hear from you soon.

    Take care my friend.

    Beijo ("kiss" in portuguese)