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Old 01-25-2018, 12:46 PM
willperrett willperrett is offline
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Default Editing Profiles

When oh when is this going to be fixed? It's been impossible to edit anything in my profile for at least 18 months now. Every time I try to update my information, I get "Cannot execute intro_query". I invited people to visit my "new" website last time I was able to add/change things: but it's hardly new any more! I want to add links to some new Themes of mine as well, but no dice. Can't this be made a priority?

And like everyone else I've given up asking for the EXIF data section to be fixed. But again the website needs this tlc if it's to continue to function. How about doing something??


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Old 02-04-2018, 08:36 PM
Keitht Keitht is offline
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IBJoel has suggested that part of the problem with resolving issues is the number of different browsers, operating systems and languages used on the site, as well as having the main and beta sites operating.
I'm not blaming IBJoel for putting this forward as I suspect that is the line being fed through from the tech support side.
I am using Firefox and the main version of TE (not beta), and would suggest that you can't get much more 'standard' than that, and I can't modify anything in my profile either. I really do believe that the problem is less with the variants than it is with a lack of interest on the part of IB in addressing any of the faults which appear so regularly here.
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