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  • Re: New 'List Cities' Feature
    Problem with malaysia...

    First of all, somebody has created a city named "malaysia". The pictures there are made actually on Redang Island, as comes clear from the titles of the photos.

    And then there are several categories with photos from 2 Perhentian islands. In real life there are 2 Perhentian islands: "Pulau Perhentian Besar" and "Pulau Perhentian Kecil" - this is how their full names are written in Lonely Planet.

    So, "Perhentian Besar" photos could be in the same category as "Pulau Perhentian Besar".

    Then there are 2 categories, that do not specify whether Besar or Kecil - "-Perhentian" and "-Perhentian Island". Some of the photos under these categories have references to from which islands they are from, but not all. So maybe at least they could be moved into one "Perhentian islands" category or smth.
  • Re: Whay so many Kizhis?
    Hi Adam,
    The list of different spellings of Kizhi (Russia, Karelia) village which I've found:
    - Kizhi (that's right)
    - Kiji
    - Kizhi Island
    Think it'd be good to merge those to one category Kizhi. Thanks.