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Great maloutim 2018-01-29 1:54

Congratulations on your 10th TE anniversary Mariusz ! You have "worked" really hard during these 10 years, and for this post, you have written a very thorough and complete note. There is nothing else to add, only things to agree with :-)

As you say, it's such a shame TE is no longer being updated, and we fear it might disappear one day because of that ! I once sent IBJoel a personal letter as the forums seem to be ignored too. The letter said more or less what you have written in your note, but that was ignored too.
It's a good job we are a friendly, close community who stick together to keep the site alive. But we just feel a bit like orphans with nobody to care for us up there :-( Apart from some moderators I must say, like Porteplume in particular. Thank you so much Viviane !

Anyway, let's not spoil your 10th anniversary any longer.
Lovely postcard that you posted twice before under different lights. The 3 of them make a great album of the Eiffel Tower. Thanks for choosing "Our Iron Lady" for the celebration ! This one has never suffered vandalism yet :-) Let's hope it stays like that !
Kindest regards.
By the way, about the maps, I have always looked at the maps of photographed countries, but I don't know anything about the maps of each country with the regions ! Could you please give me some information to get into that . Thanks in advance.

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Default To maloutim: maps of regions

Dear Marie Louise,
merci for your kind words.
I encourage you to play with the maps of regions.
The best way to get there is to look at your own TE profile site and look at the list of photographed countries, next to each country there is the link "view photos" and another one "view map".
Click on the "view map".
For France it will take you HERE, so you can see which regions of France you have photographed.
But if you look at the www address:
and you remover your name and everything until France:
you will get a statistics for the France and its all regions.
You can do it for all countries and TE members.
It is so much fun.

Kind regards,
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Thanks ever so much Mariusz !
How stupid of me to have just ignored the option "view map" in the right column of my gallery list ! Too many things to look at on a web page !
And it even works on Beta Trekearth ! Wey hey ! As you say it's so much fun !
We must remember that all the things that work on Beta were created by Adam ! Let us spare a thought for him ! If only the tech team spared a thought also for what he put in place 15 years ago ! If only he hadn't sold his site to IB !
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Yes the author clearly had a lot of brilliant ideas. Even with the technology progress nobody matched his vision!
Some of them we could improve though if IB would care.

For example when you display a photo and then click "next photo" you never know where it will take you... Which is a bit strange and this is why I use this site for myself but if I want to show someone my photos this is not the best place since they end up watching some random unrelated photos. So the links should in my opinion say exactly where they take you, like:
"view more of this photographer photos"
"more photos from same location by other photographers"

Also the map of photographed countries is so tiny!

And the regional maps sometimes don't fit the frame, for example when you look at all France photos, the map of France does not fit anymore on the right side.
Also it would be nice to hover over the map with the mouse and see what county name it is.
(it works other way round: if you go over the name of the county it highlights it on the map).
Also if you scroll down the name of counties you cannot see the map anymore...

I still love the site though.

Kind regards,
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