Problem to edit workshops ?

  • Hello,

    It seems that it's not possible to edit one's workshops ? I would like to change some part of the text I added to explain my last workshop, I did it well last week... and today, I can't any longer ???

    Thanks for your help !

    Have a nice evening !

  • edit ws
    First you have to go to your photos page.... then, below the "overview" tab you should see a red colour link "manage photos"... then click the workshop photos link and you should be getting this page there is the "edit" link on the right side....

    Here it works on both the normal and the beta versions...
  • Editing workshops
    Hello Laurent and thanks for your answer !

    In fact, the "edit" link on the right side remains only on the beta version, and seems to have disappeared on the normal one (concerning my page) : that's why I was so surprised yesterday... Quite strange !

    Yet, it's a chance the beta version still exists !

    Thanks Laurent for your advice and have a nice day !