To delpeoples: situation

  • Hi Lisa!

    thank you so much!

    first of all, concerning Australia's soldiers who took part and who died in that terrible war, - I know about it... and also, when in University (linguistic), in class we read (in English) and discussed the book "Say No to Death" (I guess you know it).
    I also read many books by Kenzaburo Oe - those about the "lost generation" of young Japanese people after WW2 ..
    and so on.. and so forth.

    yes, topical indeed! unfortunately...

    I am amazed at how quickly this situation with the Ukraine divided people - even close relatives and close friends have become almost enemies - so different their opinions are

    I have a lot of students (I teach English) who are either Ukrainian by origin (but live in Moscow) or have relatives in different regions of Ukraine, so we all are very nervous about all this..
    We - people inhabiting our fragile planet - have already had more than enough of wars and other conflicts.

    I openly admit to not understanding the intricacies and also know that it is no help to comment on the politics of another country.
    Same here!

    I really hope the situation will change for the better! Bad peace is better than a good war.

    kind regards,