Kalaw (Myanmar) Trek

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  • Hi there,

    wondering if anybody would be in Kalaw from abt 18th-23rd March. I intend to trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake and thought it would be nice if i can trek with fellow photographers. We can understand each other's needs better ya?

    Feel free to write to me if you have the same plans.


    Best regards,
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    Hi Sebastian,

    There is a small chance that I might be in Kalaw around that time as I am thinking of going back to Burma in early march. I will keep in touch and let you know how things stand after i finish my trip to yuanyang in china.

    However, if I dont make it to mynamar and its your first time in Kalaw allow me to recommend Sams trekking service; If you want to avoid seeing too many tourists you can ask to trek on a more "unusual" route, Sam and his guides did a great job of taking me on the less beaten path.

    take care,
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    Hi Steve,

    so happy to hear from you! :D

    Hey, you're heading to YY this month? Are you going with Thanh?

    Hmm...seems like Sam is really quite good. I've received recommendations about Sam from others too.
    I think i should really check Sam out.


    Hope to see you in Kalaw bro!

    Best regards,
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    ohh.....you're really going with Thanh to YY, crossing in from Vietnam. Wish you guys all the best and i look forward to beautiful pictures from you guys.
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    yep, will be meeting Thanh and his friend when they get off the train from hanoi, I'm looking forward to getting back yuanyang!

    Sams trekking really is quite good; I spent 3 days checking out the different guides in kalaw until I finally met Sam -- I really wanted to get off the beaten path and especially spend my last night in a monastary that wasnt packed with other tourists -- Sam provided in spades! Thats not to say the others are not good -- two of my friends had an amazing trek with a different guide service, I think they are all very dependable and worthwhile in Kalaw... but i think sam can tailor make treks a little easier than the others.

    Kalaw is also really great nice, and if your not sure where to stay you might wanna give Eastern paradise guesthouse a try.

    I hope to see you there!
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    hi again Sebastian,

    well, its not looking like i will get a chance to meet up with you for some hiking in Kalaw, too bad....

    ah well, have a good time though. I look forward to seeing your photos from the trek.

    take care,
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    I understand that you'll be going to YY again. No problem Steve. I sincerely wish you all the best in getting your picture. I'm trying my best here in Bagan now and heading to Kalaw on the 18th. Suppose to leave today, but i'm still not very happy with what i've got.

    You take care too.

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    hey again,

    If you have time i was wondering if you could answer some questions about the weather and shooting conditions in bagan right now.

    -is it really hot and are there many tourists now -- i am especially wondering about the frequency of hot air ballons taking off in the morning, are there many?

    -and what are the sunrises like - are there are clouds - is the morning/afternoon sky hazy or clear?

    i wish you luck in getting some better shots, hopefully kalaw-inle is good for you as it was for me ;)

    have fun with the rest of you trip,
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    Hello Steve,

    so sorry for my late reply as i did not get onto the web again after my last msg.

    Not sure if you still need the info, but it was really hot in Bagan when i was there till the 19th. Not many tourists i would say, and weather is generally hazy, with short shooting window. The sun comes on really strong from 9am onwards...Clouds are almost non-existent. Only abt 2-3 hot air balloons sighted in the mornings taking off at approx 0630hrs...

    I did not trek to Inle in the end after getting some feedback from guides and other travellers that it's too hazy and hot, and dusty. Trekked to nearby villages instead. Sam's is great indeed !!!

    How was your trip to YY again? Got your picture?
    I'm not sure abt mine, as i just touched down 3 hrs ago. Hopefully, i'll have something worth sharing...

    Take care,
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    yep, still need it - thanks!

    Too bad about kalaw, when i was there it was on the chilly side.

    As to YY, well, i got some good ones - but YY suffered from haze also, so it was useless trying to get a shot that wasnt within 200meters distance. considering the scale of YY, that took away alot of potential shots...... oh well, next time.

    thanks again,