Are we getting the most out of TE?

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    Hi Keith
    I agree with you 100%. I avoid those who just post photos.
    Merry Christmas
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    I think its also important not to just take photos that fit the trekearth 'guidelines'. For example, I'll often shoot photographs of friends, or get people to pose for shots, architecture shots, macro stuff etc etc. I guess I could post it on treklens, but it just keeps me on my toes and gives me some ideas on what to look for when i'm out 'on the street'.
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    I think the best way is not to take it all too serious. If you want to learn . . . you should also look at other sites . . . or even better get some good books.
    If you want to share/communicate, write critiques or go out to the pub.
    What I'm trying to say is that if you enjoy yourself and look beyond the TE horizons, you'll be able to give back more to the TE community in the end . . . (or maybe not if you choose to play tennis instead :)
    Numbers are just numbers . . . . they trick and treat people.
    Hope my english is understandable,
    have a nice new year, to all of you :)
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    Hi Jorge. I know what you mean. However, some of the guys who just post photos could be people who are just waiting to be invited to the party. I was a bit like that when I first joined. I occasionally spend an hour in the 'uncritiqued' gallery trying to help (best as I can) some of the shots that just get passed by. Some respond. Others don't. If they don't, then at least they were given the chance. All the best for Christmas. Off to see what Santa brought! Paul.
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    Hi Will.

    I think you might have hit the nail on the head here. Every time I pick up the camera, I'm thinking 'would this be suitable for TE' and 'how would this look on TE'.

    Don't get me wrong but stuff TE from now on. I'm going to take the shots I like to take and if some (or all) of them are suitable for TE then great. I love the TE site very much but it's sort of taken over a bit.

    I've just read an advert in a camera mag about building your own website and I think I might have a go. There's the IT challenge (THE main challenge for me) and the opportunity to post galleries of what I shoot for my own amusement - not just to fulfil TE's objectives.

    Perhaps I'll post more of my stuff on my TL and TN sites - which have been very neglected of late. Maybe I just needed to kick myself up the tushy a bit...!

    Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. Paul.
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    Hi David. Wise words, mate. I do look at other sites and I've got a mini library for instructional and inspirational purposes. I don;t really drink much, so the pub's not a big draw for me but what I'm about to do is concentrate more on what I want to shoot without worrying whether it is appropriate for TE. Tennis? Not with my (lack of) physique! Several years playing prop forward fr a rugby team and weight lifting left me with dodgy knees - so swimming and golf are my exercise and walking (with a backpack full of Nikon). Your English is perfect compared to my Latvian...! Kind regards and have a wonderful Christmas. Paul.
  • Re: Are we getting the most out of TE?
    I was referring more to those who have post 10, or 20, or even 50 photos, but few critiques... sometimes zero critique.
    Some of them have already recieved 1000 points, but have given 10 or less critiques.
    Those are extreme cases, which I avoid.
    Merry Christmas to you too!
    Santa brought me a daugther .... my first!!
    The best X'mas so far!!
  • congratulations papa
    congratulations with your daughter!
    I was lucky two years ago with X-mas :)
    Hope all is well with all of you, enjoy this special time!
    sleep well if you get the time :)))))
  • Re: congratulations papa
    THANKS David!
    Santa brought me the present last October, but I am still enjoying like the first time I hold her in the hospital. Everyday more beautiful and with some new "agu" words in her vocabulary. Still very demanding in feeding and sleeping time, but mother and I are getting more sleep than a month ago.
    Thru my intro you may reach her photo.
    I appreciate your words. Thanks a lot
    Where are you from?. Congrats also for your two girls.
    cheers and Feliz Navidad
  • enhorabuena!
    Enhorabuena, Jorge!! :-D
    Ya veo que la niña tiene un par de meses pero aún tienes la misma alegría que si acabara de llegar. Sin duda, el mejor regalo!
    Un beso para los tres!