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  • Perhaps I've missed this facility ...

    It would be helpful if there were a page that just listed the themes by name so that one could see the titles in a condensed manner and not have to download dozens of pages.

    I'm thinking of something such as simply listing the click-able titles alphabetically, perhaps in multiple columns.
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    I need to do something about ever-expanding themes. In the meantime, you can see such a list by going to add a new photo to a theme (you don't actually have to add the photo). You can also search themes if you're looking for something in particular.
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    I think a quick fix would be a simple alphabetical list of themes sans thumbnails. It's hard to search when you don't even know the options ;o)

    We're now up to 60 pages of Themes. Here's how a 'Quick Theme Guide' might look. (Gleaned from the #1 page of the moment.)


    Canals and rivers in Europe (21 photos):John Mortier (mortijo) [Group Theme]

    Colour: Blue - Blauw - Bleu (18 photos): Viviane Faguay (Porteplume)

    Colour: Gold/Yellow - Jaune/Or(8 photos):Viviane Faguay (Porteplume)

    Colour: Red - Rood - Rouge (6 photos):Viviane Faguay (Porteplume)

    Colour: Green - Groen - Vert (18 photos):Viviane Faguay (Porteplume)

    Hands (6 photos): Caleb Coleman (scalerman) [Group Theme]

    Hong Kong sea transport (7 photos): Andrew Orme (orme)

    Iran,the 4700 year old country (8 photos): FARIBA M M Sadeghi (charmante) [Group Theme]

    Mysterious & storm scenes (22 photos): gitane dambroise


    Later it would be possible to arrange categories (Life on the water, Colors, Weather, etc. - based on the above).