Signing in as a new member

  • My grandson is trying to become a new member, and the site won't take his registration.
    He has composed his own password, and when he finishes completing the registration page, the page refuses his email address. We don't know why.
    Could we have some help please ?
    ML Davies.
  • Hi there,

    What is the email domain you are attempting to use? We don't allow ALL email providers, simply because some are hotbeds of spam. An example of a domain would be or
  • E-mail providers
    Thanks Joel for your reply !
    As a matter of fact, my grandson's e-mail is Does that mean he has to create a new e-mail ?
    Could you suggest a few domains that would be acepted ? For instace, would "" be fine ?
  • We should definitely be allowing GMail accounts! Looks like this is a technical problem and I have asked our tech team to fix. I used my GMail and wasn't able to register, either.

    If your grandson would not like to wait and would like to use his account, it should work.
  • My stepson (LuisGustavoLima) had exactly the same problem, so he registered with another email I have. He has been posting his photos here, but still with my email address, and we'd like to change it on his account. His email is also