New members and adverts

  • I have noticed that Forum is plagued by the notes from "new members" - the people that have just register under many different names and then publish something like UFC 200 Live Streaming or similar. For instance, today I see 9 such notes on one page of forum. Couldn't Forum moderators somehow ban it, e.g. someone who has no pictures can't publish on Forum? It is another thing that is very annoying on the site.
    Regards Malgo
  • Mods don't have the ability to stop people registering, but we do remove these posts and ban the user when we see them. As you say, it's a constant struggle. The idea of not allowing people to post messages until they have posted photos sounds like a good one but I don't know if it can be done.
    We can certainly raise it with the tech team. Bear in mind, any changes happen very slowly.