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  • First of all: I know that Iīm not the best photographer in the world - I know that Iīm not even one of the best.

    But I always accept the critiques I get, also (or especially) the bad ones. I think thatīs what this site is about - to read the opinion of others!

    I write many critiques, many of them are "positive", some of them arenīt. I always try to explain what I find bad in these photos.

    So far, so good. Almost all users respect my critiques as I respect theirs.

    But there is one member [<i>admin: names are not allowed</i>] who posted a few photos which are (in my honest opinion) just blurred and not telling anything about the world - furthermore, she posted a photo as re-post which has absolutly no similarities with the original photo. I told her what I find bad in her photos - but she doesnīt accept this, she writes that I would "bore" her and she writes that my photos (because they get more attention than hers) are "cheap postcards".

    So ... what to do with a member who insults others and who just wants to hear "wow, good shot", "oh, you are a great artist" (= she is a film producer)
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    The problem with what you have said, which [<i>admin: names are not allowed</i>] touched on, is that you haven't really provided a useful critique and you haven't offered anything constructive on how the image could be improved. Your comment more sounds like a personal attack rather than some friendly advice.

    You've done a similar sort of thing on one of my photos as well, and if you happened to be somebody I knew off TE, I probably would have been insulted. Maybe you should look at the way you comment on peoples work?
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    What do you want us to do Mondaychild? Brutal honesty that drives a person to tell you your pictures are cheap postcards . Is it a bad opinion ? does it hurt you ? She insulted , slurred you ? In my point of view your pictures are not good ones and i wonder how you managed to get such amount of points ... But do i have to feel guilty for thinking this way and expressing it ? You commented on one of my flimsy pictures and i visited your gallery and yes , you are not among the best photographers in this world , but what ? let's look for others' galleries and maybe we could learn something about photography if it is our real aim here . But which sense does it have to take here to the forum little claptraps , local tantrums about that girl pulled off my ponytail brushed hair is for little children and your post stinks much of it by calling papa Adam to put order because someone told you your pics are cheap postcards ( i wish you would really like them to be at least cheap bad postcards )
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    The problem is not that she critiqued one of my pics.

    The problem is that she did that after I wrote a negative critique on one of her pics.

    She replied to my critique that I would bore her.

    She also wrote other users (on TrekLENS) that their photos would be postcards and they should make a fortune with them (because they are not so artistic as those of a third-class film producer - or do you know one of her films???)

    She is angry because she posted a half-naked self portrait of her on Trek LENS, and I wrote that it reminded me on photos 13 year old girls take with their mobile phones.

    Why does Miss K. donīt accept negative critiques??

    And - if she doesnīt accept them - why doesnīt she quit these sites????

    There are a lot of photographers on this site from which I can learn a lot, thatīs not my point. And itīs interesting to read the critiques of others! And itīs also useful - I think for all of us!!!

    I donīt feel insulted when getting bad critiques - but D.K. shouldnīt feel this way, too.

    Is this really the aim of TE?
    You give me a "good" critique - I give you a "good" critique
    You give me a "bad" critique - I give you a "bad" critique????
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    I don't know if the word sulfurate exists in English but i' m afraid you're sulfurating about a little thing that's not important itself and we should take it easier because TE is internet and there's life and self improvement outside this virtual world . Yours , mine are not among the best but take a look at some good TE photographers' first posted pictures and you will realize how much they improved . Anyway in my case photography is nor something serious enough as i don't earn my living through it but at the same time , taking and looking at pictures is something that makes me enjoy my free time . TE allows you to improve skills , get across the people you choose and other things so in my opinion is better to focus on the possitive experiences here and leave aside silly quarrels that don't mean much in a global context and i guess that misterious K . will be carrying on with her or his life pleasantly without bothering about this topic or your real mood now .
    The aim of TE depends on what someone wants . In my case i 'm not much for improving my photography but for getting valuable documentary information about places i'm planning to visit , so perfect closeups , closed portraits and figurativism does not help me much . I would also like to meet other people in person and share visions and experiencies even beyond photographical techniques and of course i thank a lot the fact people pass and stop by my gallery , take part of their time wherever they are and at least say hello
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    It's a childess way of behaviour of some members, writing some things in critics or in reply... but it's also very poor that some members are attacking others in the forum, right ?
    So, if you have a major problem with someone, please ignore him (here), and please do not write "names" (I see that it has been removed, probably on demand of the administrators). If anyone should "cross the line", you can always report that to the administrators and they are clever enough to take action if necessary...
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    Qui seme le vent recolte la tempete ;-)
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    męme proverbe en Flamand...
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    No, it isn't the aim. However, 'point swapping' is something that many of us do from time to time and is symptomatic of a forum where we are enabled to add 'favourites' and build up friendhips with other members, etc.

    However, there's a fine line between critiquing someones photos and criticising the photographer personally. The former is encouraged, however, the latter is best avoided unless we want the forum to degenerate into the politics of the schoolyard.

    My advice would be to either not critique if you can't avoid saying something about the motives or personality of the photographer (remember, it's the photograph your critiquing) or just develop a thick skin and ignore them if they retaliate.
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    The best thing is to ignore it :(
    I cannot speak for others, but I had the same experience.
    It's the internet, not the real world.