"Learn about the world through photography" they said...

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    I have read the notes regarding the topic that Jean has brought up. I agree with him. I have observed photos that really do not belong on TE. I only make comments and critques to pictures with the "proper" notes accompanying it. Sometimes, there photos so good and outstanding but without any notes, I make my comments but I request that a note be added next posting. As of now, I will try to notify the member if the photo does not belong and will keep on requesting for an accompanying note. It is up to people who runs this site to delete or to notify the member if he or she is violating the TOS.

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    Good morning everybody,

    Thanks a lot to all who have brought their 2 cents, yens, guaranies, ...
    I see a lot of your messages point towards the ToS violation feature, as I have written before it's good to have it but it lacks some transparency, so here we possibly have a first message for Adam.

    There is also a softer method, a NR critique with the following text (or a similar one), I used that text recently:
    Hello ,
    PLease consider the following:
    ToS point 8.
    As the purpose of TrekEarth is to learn about the world through photography, shots of common objects (like closeups of garden plants, water droplets, toothbrushes etc.) tend not teach us anything without a suitable note, so unless there's a suitable note they will be liable to deletion at our discretion. If you wish to post these types of image please consider using our sister site TrekLens.

    Complete ToS

    Thanks for your understanding,

    What do you think about this method ?

    Also sometimes it's a bit hard to correctly draw the line between TE and either TL or TN, while flower or insect macros are imho obvious TN subjects, a wapiti, tasman devil or zebra shot does have a TE learning dimension if the note says the visited region is populated by this animal.
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    Salut Francis,
    I understand and respect tiltizm as a photographic expression that can add value to some photos.
    That being said, because titltizm is currently in, some posters have begun to tilt just anything, regardless of the artistic creativity, these are the posts I refer to as tilted horrors.
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    ToS point 8 was one of the last rules added to TE, about 2 years ago I believe, in response to an inordinate number of water droplet and rose macros being posted at the time.

    "while flower or insect macros are imho obvious TN"

    Actually, the TN ToS is extremely strict such that many flower shots wouldn't be allowed there. And notes are not optional as well.
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    j'accepte volontiers que les photos de gouttes d'eau, fleurs, insectes, animaux soient plutôt sur TL ou encore sur TN particulièrement... mais je trouve que des éléphants africains ou indiens dans leur environnement naturel, c'est à dire dans un plan général et non un plan rapproché, ça devrait convenir pour TE qui est quand même d'apprendre le monde et les conditions de vie / culture de pays.
    La différence de cadrage / point de vue, faisant la différence avec une photo naturaliste...
    pas facile évidemment de trier mais la régle édictée par Adam est une référence.
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    Oui Pierrot je suis d'accord avec toi sur la dimension TE de certaines photos animalieres, ce que j'ai indique plus haut dans la langue de Shake & Speare, le cadrage et surtout la note, un element trop souvent neglige, font la difference.
  • "Learn about the world through photography" they said...
    I agree with you to an extent. I find that I would rather comment and give points to a blurred not technically perfect photo which in my mind is a real TE shot, rather than a brilliant photographic shot that teaches me nothing about the world. Sometimes I think that people use TE just as a gallery to show their outstanding photos, nice, but, this isnt the place for that.
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    Thanks for the precisions Adam.

    The notes importance popped up in this thread and reviewing the ToS by the word I did not find any point mentioning a compulsory note, only point 8 stresses the note importance that could make the difference for common objects shots. Is it intentional or just something forgotten because it seemed obvious ?
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    Jean Yves,

    I don’t want to replace Adam in the answer but I recall several times where he answered to the request of compulsory notes saying in more or less the same I’ve mentioned previously, i.e., making notes with some extent obligatory is not a good idea. Nowadays we see some members adding the complete EXIF info to the note, as extra info. If this were obligatory people would do this just to comply with the rule not adding any real information about the place.

    People could also setup a text mentioning copyright notices and all kind of “garbage” just to pass through the note filter. There are many turnarounds to this issue. In this matter the best thing is for members always ask for a note when it is not present. From my experience most of the members end up updating the photo with a note, or adding a note in the following photos.

    There are things that can be more easily solved by the community life, than by rules.
  • Impossible task
    Well, as mentioned before it is a fine line between which pictures are teaching anything and which do not.

    I for one don't find any educational vaulue in a close up of a kid regardless if it's my neighour or a child in the most remote village of the world, cute kid is a cute kid.

    I don't find any educational value in a photo of the tree in a fog regardless what note you put in. This is simply bloody tree in a god damn fog, what's there to learn.

    I don't find any educational value in a picture of a road, no matter how educational the note may be.

    How many of you who agree with Jean-Yves (and that includes JY) who participate in this thread can honestly say that all their pictures meet the educational values and don't violate any TOS?
    Please raise your hands.