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Great sohrab 2005-07-19 6:17

hi rinie
ok this is pretty original, but somehow not involving asyour other fantastic shadow photograph here
because the one in the link has a story.. while this one is JUST a photograph of a shadow for me.. doesn't really get me to think or anything, the only thing that i can do is stare at it...
i think maybe a photograph without a motion blur would have been better here because atleast we'd get to see what kind of a road you were cycling on... or perhaps sometime later in the evening when your shadow would have been even more stretched out, you could have included a little bit of it ( i don't think including the whole scenery would have been possible) and a little of the place where you were cycling...

also about your leg... it's a good idea.. but maybe you should include a little more of it.. at the moment.. it's very little leg :)
hope i don't sound very mean or anything here
take care :)

Old 07-20-2005, 02:38 AM
Rinie_Hoff Rinie_Hoff is offline
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Default To sohrab: Are you really sure, Sohrab??

You want to see more of my leg?? Really, no one would call my leg 'a little leg' ;-)) but you make me laugh. I will upload a ws in which more of it is included, but I'm not very fond of it, and I doubt if that is what you mean. I might remove it later.

Yes, I agree with you, the other one is stronger, adn tells a story, yes, this one is just taken because of the fun, without any other pretention than experimenting, and wanting to share. That's also why I did not include any surroundings. I could not choose a smaller focal length. And yet, I can't tell you exactly why there's so much difference.
Don't worry, I understand that you don't mean anything mean. I appreciate it greatly, that you took the time to write such a long comment!
So, thanks very much for stopping by, Rinie
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