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Great Paul57 2006-02-03 18:10

Hi Winston,

Very colourful picture. What else can you expect when you use a Canon A80.
I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures.
I have to agree with you; this camera is something else. I also have a Nikon which I paid over 900 US. but I seldom use it now. My friends have trouble believing me when I show them my pictures.

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Default To Paul57: about the little canon wit 180° head?

Your friends have trouble believing you when you show them your pictures taken wit the Canon PowerShot A 80? When did you buy it? Mine 2 years ago, it is just fine, it's only the CompactFlash memory cards that are getting a bit outdated and easely corrupt. so sometimes I lost a whole buch of pictures.
Have you tried taking pictures of people? It is always dificult, but with this magical twistable LCD sceen, 2 ways : You turn and pose with the people, telling them to look in the little box, they feel secure because you're in it too. Then the other good trick is when you want to take a group, further than arm-lenght you turn the screen towards them, you aim with the lousy "fake" viewer, by now, we know our camera so well, it's not a probleme to get every body in and the people will get you the nicest, funniest poses, bcause they can see them selves. It becomes a game and no more a "stolen image"
Paul57, You looked at ALL my galery! This fruit stand is my second picture on TE, thanxs!
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Default Re: To Paul57: about the little canon wit 180° head?

Hi Winston,
It will be 2 years in March, I believe, that I bought my camera. I have never had any problems with my memory cards. I have 2 (256) and 1 (512) cards and have taken about 6000 pictures. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I find this camera well suited for nature pictures but not for weddings or when speed is a requirement. Many times when I came to take pictures of children in motion, they were no longer in the same position and therefore bacame out of focus.
Yet, I prefer the Canon because it it by far more convenient than the use of film.
Take care.
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