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Great PJE 2006-06-09 18:31

Well Kev on the Device to Root out Evil one can easily see some similarities between this structure and the Church today. Perhaps the artist is saying that the Church today has its head in the sand. I like what Nancy McGaraghan said in her article in this artwork....

"But Oppenheim's title, "Device to Root Out Evil," evokes a much more serious transgression.

Rooting out evil is the dark side of religion, past and present. It is the cause of private grief when human nature is seen as depraved, and of warfare between clans and nations "in the name of God."

The sculpture is particularly scary in its powerful simplicity. The cheerful little country church upended looks as innocent as a garden spade poised to dig out a nasty weed. It evokes images of simple people who soak up the preacher's sermon as "gospel truth," and who then draw a line between themselves as bearers of that truth and the bothersome, unenlightened, un-saved masses.

The righteousness of simple thinking assumes a black-and-white world. For those who have their ear to the "truth," evil lies outside themselves, in others. When push comes to shove, it must be rooted out. In the name of God.

Very nicely done Kev. The slant befits the scene and your comments on this piece of art is very interesting!

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Default To PJE: Great commentary Paul

- really interesting to read your feedback and thoughts - thanks for that.

I'll be back in Van from the 18th - 26th - with some nice weather hopefully!!

best wishes Kev
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Default Re: To Kev

Now I am thinking if there is some manner of resident evil in Trek Earth. Hmm I think that is perhaps pushing it too far. Its interesting that you are returning to Vancouver again. I gather you really like this city. It would be interesting to meet for coffee somewhere to shoot the breeze. Yeah!

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