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Great magalik 2010-10-24 1:34

Hi Biswaroop,

This shot is particular but I wouldn't have suspected it was a HDR result. I seldom like the effect denaturing and bleaching of the HDR on nature but I find your result particularly succeeded. This result allows us to see so many details and to feel the relief of the landscape with a perfect quality. It's undoubtedly one of best HDR of nature I have seen until now. I don't know how much time you needed to get this but it's a success. I would have been interested to see the original shots, only for comparing. I have never tested HDR and however I have already taken shots with the idea to do it. your shot gives me the desire to test.


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Default To magalik: Hdr

Hi Magali,

Thanks very much for your thoughtful critique! You're right: it's difficult to get a perfect HDR photograph - the processing needs some fine tuning. I'm not too sure about CS5 HDR processing, but the CS4 HDR machine was quite inadequate. I used photomatix for the processing: it's a very good software.

Here are the original photographs - f/14, (1/14 and 1/50).

At first, I tried adding the photos in Photoshop, and creating a gradient mask between them. It actually looked a little more natural, but I think I liked the HDR. It turns out the HDR needed less time to process, so in terms of exposure blending, HDR is one of the quickest methods.

The difficult part, of course, are the settings. Photomatix has a lot of sliders and options - the 'details enhancement' version of processing seems to be better. There is a free open source HDR processing software that I used before - qtpfsgui, but I switched over to photomatix due to the greater flexibility.

I think you should try fiddling with the settings on whatever software you have ... and who knows - you might like the results


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Default thanks

Hi Biswaroop,

Thank you very much for your very interesting response and the original shots very interesting also.
I'm very surprised to see a such exposition difference between the two shots. Moreover, we don't feel the sun on these two shots which is very present on your post. Really impressive, great work. It was really a good idea to use the hdr technic, the relief is so great with it.
I will contact you when I will be tired to see only clouds and rain and I will need to see sun !
I know Photomatix and I have it but I have never used it. A TE friend who made this hdr one told me it was a very good sofware for hdr indeed.
I will test it next WE but I haven't shots with so big exposition difference like yours. I will show you the result !
Have a good week.
Thank you for this very interesting post.

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Dear Magali,

Indeed, I didn't notice how the sun's warmth only came out correctly in the HDR... It's partially due to the post-processing I did in LR after Photomatix.

Actually, that photo you linked is interesting: it seems to be partially an exposure blend because you can see how the trunk becomes darker near the sky. There's probably a gradient darkening both sky and trunk there. The benefit of HDR is that it is more complicated than a dark gradient - and that allows for a much more complex composition.

In fact - usually for landscape photographs, a grad filter works well - especially when the horizon is well-defined. However, one photograph that I couldn't have taken without Photomatix HDR is this one. In that photo, the HDR worked wonders, illuminating every bit of the composition in the right way.

I think as long as HDRs can be made to look somewhat natural, the technique is very powerful and useful.

Remember to post your original pictures with your next shot! I'll try processing them in my own way - and we'll see if its any better

Good luck, my friend!
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