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Great macjake 2012-05-10 15:36

Hi Martin
very interesting pic.
as for the WS photo, i like that one too, and maybe a little bit more than this one.
but thats just a personal preference thing. here, the difference is the low pov, seeing the road upclose and personal.
and not being able to see the top of the bridge makes it feel as if it continues on for infinity.
love the architecture and overall pov, nice shot

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Default To macjake: thanks

You know you've got it about right when you get a comment from a guru of the genre ! I look at some of your buildings posts and think, how did he even see that POV, let alone photograph it. So when my modest shot in that genre gets noticed -- whoa !

I watch with interest your adoption of HDR, and read with amusement the guessing game John has with your posts. I was especially impressed with the WS posts you did of the window, looking out, a great justification of HDR.

But tell me, are you taking pitures with an HDR set up, or just using different exposures on a regular camera ? And what PP is involved. I often find myself in situatons like your room picture, and wsih I could have done better . Thus far I have found PS doesnt really work for me, when blending two like pictures..

I would be intrigued to know !

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Old 05-11-2012, 07:24 AM
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Default Hdr

Hi Martin

thanks for your interest in my gallery of architecture
it makes me happy that you're viewing them!!

as for the HDR....where do i start!

If you've been following my conversations with Lisa and John, you may know my stance on HDR. Many TE'rs don't like HDR, but personally i think its because most people have been exposed to the awful overblown HDR images. Most people don't know about the softer side of HDR - they way its intended to be used.

Most of my posted photo's of late have been HDR. I have to try to stay away from being viewed as self righteous! I'm not wanting to make everyone turn into HDR lovers or anything, I just hope people see the benefit of hdr, and if even a couple of people change their minds on it i'll be happy

As for the software, it can be purchased online as a free trial - but Don't do that! Not only do you risk the chances of getting a virus, but the online version doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

Here in Canada anyways, you have to purchase the software online (not available in stores) at websites like or
its fairly affordable, only $95 or so. Cheap compared to some of the Pro photoshop programs just uner $1000 some people use.

Its called PhotoMatix Pro 4.0 (perhaps there's a 5.0 now?)
i'm sure you'll find it with a simple Google search.

the technique is very simple, I usually take 3 photo's, one over exposed, one under exposed and one at the correct exposure. ( i always keep the 'correct exposure' one when i want to photoshop it as my 'regular' photo).
For extreme lighting conditions like the Piano shot, i believe i took 7 different exposures.

It took me a while to really figure out how to process HDR photos, because there's ghosting involved (moving subjects in the 3 different exposures which cause blurring, it can be corrected by 'ghosting' them).
If you ever purchase the software, let me know and i'll give you a hand if you wish. With any new software, it takes a while to figure out how to correctly use it, maybe i could be of help.

I'll post another Piano shot soon, a much different composition, same location, keep your eye out for it!

thanks again
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