To Royaldevon: Beverly,

  • First i want to thank you for your warm words that I appreciate very very much indeed and after I want to tell you that I have read all your commentaries about my pics with a great pleasure, It was a delight to read your sensitive and rich notes about every image I told Brian and Craig, lately i felts that my photos were more and more far from TE standards and that's what determined my decision to quite this site. I have spent 4 nice years, and i've learned a lot of some of you. From time to time I promiss to visit you on TE, it always will be a pleasure to see your good photos.

    All the best,
  • Good Luck
    Thank you for responding to my critique, Juan.

    I cannot understand why you think your shots are below TE's standards; they are more of an example of good practice.

    However, I must abide by your decisions.
    You will be sadly missed and I do hope you will visit TE often.

    My very best wishes to you,