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One day I'll reach the state of photographic Nirvana and become able to go out without a cam, make mental images, come home, recline in a chair while reviewing my mind’s work and think “I did some fine photography today”. This will take the interactive fun outta photography though, so until that day I will have a blast keeping on falling for the lure of the newest digital and optical technology and be thrilled sharing my work here with y'all and keep learnin' ;-)

My professional field is policy- and organizational science and community development. I work as an independent consultant, the website of my firm is here.

In my photography I’m inspired by architecture and the street..... and there's always a certain amount of graphism at play.
My photography site is here.

I went digital in 2001, bought a dSLR in 2006 but still found myself frequently using bridge and compact cams 'cause they're less bulky and more versatile in use. The Lumix G1 I acquired 3 years ago, brought the bridge cam and classic dSLR together in a great pacakge of usability and quality. It started a sequention of new generation cams that gradually is relegating the classic dSLR to the realm of the dinosaurs.
The cam I use most now is the Lumix G5. For sports and action photography I still use the Canon D60 because pf its superior ergonomics.
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