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Originally from Montréal, Canada, after 6 years in beautiful California, I'm back in Montréal. My wife and I took advantage of the move back home to take a seven months break and travel the world with an emphasis on the developing world. This is definitly a life changing experience (a positive change :). That was in the first half of 2003.

I brought with me a Canon Powershot S40 which was small enough to fit in my pocket and yet flexible enough to allow for manual settings. I carried a 10Gb portable HD and had just one flash card (128Mb) which I uploaded on the HD every night. We ended up with 6000 pictures on the HD when we flew home. After cleanup, 3000 are left. I made a slideshow with the best 500 which I sometimes show in a continuous loop on the TV when I host parties (very few can sit through a 500 pictures slideshow :).

Over the next few months, I will try to pick the most interesting ones. Not always to best pictures from a technical standpoint but also those which I shot without caring too much but that are depicting something that might interest some of you.

I hope you enjoy them. And feel free to criticize.
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