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Forty-seven years ago a curious, eager young boy began rambling the creeks, woodlands and prairies of his, Home Field and Waters, in west-central Indiana; also known as "Hoosierville" The curiosity and eagerness still burn and fuel the rambling. Only the range has changed.

It was inevitable the adventures would include a camera. Thus for the past 35 years a camera has been a constant companion, fellow-worker, tool, recorder of history, revelator and provider. Documenting the intercourse of nature and it's various elements remains the primary mission. Though many detours occur for sake of financial stability, each has been fortunate to add to the primary mission.

To preserve, educate and archive for future generations, my photos record but a small sample of the natural world in my little sector of the mid-west. Regret prime, is the realization of just how far this attempt falls short. Travels about the USA have added 46 of our 50 states, 4 Canadian provinces and a brief excursion south into Mexico. A resurgence in the travels is planned over the next 5 years.

All photography and post production is 100% digital, since 2000. No more noxious odors or toxic rashes; though nostalgic feelings occasionally rise. The future of the trusty 4x5 view camera looms bright; awaiting serious sensor cost reduction.

The Internet has afforded many official and unofficial two-way interchanges for training sessions in photography. In the near future, photography, outdoor heritage, computer graphics and technological interdisciplinary development, will be topics offered in online and off-line formats. Stay tuned. Architectural design of web presences and marketing development for outdoor and other communicators occupies my current calendar.

It will surely be interesting to see what next 47 years brings to my lens and beyond.

Vitae Brief : Creative Information Architect
Thirty-plus years in communications. Twenty-plus years in technology. BSc Ag-Systems Management, Purdue University. Outdoor communicator. Lifelong outdoorsman, designer, marketer, entrepreneur. Active Member OWAA.
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Pentax ME, Fuji FinePix 3800, Pentax MX, Canon 350d


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